Qatar and BDS are behind the media campaign targeting the Pegasus project Shalev Hulio says

Pegasus Project is the most recent topic today and has sent political shock waves around the world. In a recent interview, the CEO of NSO Shalev Hulio has made a statement that Qatar and BDS are behind the media campaign targeting the Pegasus project. On one hand, analysts say that NSO was too eager to make friends in a hostile region and too willing to take controversial actions in the name of survival, as well as the limitations of technology companies’ abilities to control the abuse of their products by their customers. But on the other hand, as soon as Hulio acknowledged that some of NSO’s government customers had misused its software in the past, their company shut off five clients’ access under human rights violations.

In this view, when three young entrepreneurs wanted to disrupt the technology industry with their breakthrough ideas they were approached by law enforcement officials with an unexpected request. They asked these entrepreneurs to build software for them in the Israeli technology space, which can troubleshoot their customers’ smartphones by sending them an SMS link that enabled the carrier to access the phone remotely. It could be used for saving the lives of people. Traditional methods of wiretapping calls were becoming obsolete in the age of the smartphone, the officers explained, because early encryption software blocked their ability to read and listen to the conversations of terrorists, pedophiles, and other criminals.

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